Jean-Michel Nonglaire | UX/UI Designer & Content Manger - jmndesign

My name is Jean-Michel Nonglaire

I am a graphic designer and project manager passionate about the web. My career has led me to work on projects of various sizes. From web designer to the European Commission to create a website for jewellery, my work experience is as varied and exciting.

Come ! Tell me more about your project, we will work together.

Skill design

Skill development

Wordpress Skill
  • Adobe Photoshop95%
  • Adobe Illustrator75%
  • Adobe Lightroom93%
  • Wordpress85%
  • Adobe InDesign25%
  • Adobe AfterEffect50%
  • HTML 595%
  • CSS 395%
  • Bootstrap80%
  • Jquery30%
  • AdobeDreamWeaver75%

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