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Are you looking for a new
website, logo or video?

I am the one you need

Like many artists before me,
I am passionate about my job:
graphic design and web.

Let me tell you what really excited me for years.

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I realize responsive web sites
with custom design

your products will always look the same!

Displaying on desktops, tablet, mobiles

Custom built-in menu

Rich design
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Working knowledge of web analytics

Designing pages layouts and custom graphics
Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite
Cross browser compatibility testing
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I'm designing in
After Effects

and produce interesting visual effects

Far from claiming to be a motion designer
I remain fascinated by the potential of
graphics design with Adobe After Effects.

I have several achievements;
most of them are presented in my portfolio.

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I have a degree in graphic design
from Saint-Luc Liège, Belgium
and have been working in web
since 8 years
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Passionate about graphic
design and photo editing,

I create panoramic photos
with the photo stitching,
correction of geometric
distortion and color
enhancement by using
vibrance and suturation.


My name is Jean-Michel Nonglaire. I am a graphic designer working as a freelancer and passionate about the web and graphic design. My career has led me to work on projects of various sizes. From webdesigner to the European Commission to create a website for a jewellery, my work experience is as varied and exciting.

Come ! Tell me more about your project, we will work together.





In charge of the design and implementation of web interfaces, as well as the organization of pages, tree and navigation, I like to take into account the specific constraints of the internet support in terms of ergonomics and accessibility. I develop layouts and produce various graphic elements of web. I design the visual identity.

Frond end developer

Interpreting graphic visual or interaction designs in HTML, CSS and jQuery library. Creating visually appealing web pages or interfaces. Creating, editing or modifying templates for a CMS or web development framework. Testing cross-browser, cross-platform, and/or cross-device compatibility for inconsistencies.

Web coordinator

I am responsible for the management of activities and site traffic. Working with designers and writers, I’m in charge of the content for the site that may include pictures, graphics, articles, blogs, and other written and visual communications.

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